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Respect the Bird! - Family Activity Guide

To inspire you and your family, here are some fun, easy ideas to Respect the Bird Thanksgiving week. It's time to take back Thanksgiving, and make it the meaningful, respected holiday it’s meant to be. Join thousands of other home cooks in the Allrecipes community determined to restore this all-American holiday as a day of gratitude to celebrate gifts we already have—not a pre-December holiday shopping frenzy.

SATURDAY | November 19

Take the pledge! Begin your family’s Thanskgiving activities by clicking the pledge below. Every pledge sends the message that you are honoring Thanksgiving week by being thankful for what you already have and by not participating in the pre-holiday shopping frenzy. Anyone can pledge with one click! 

SUNDAY | November 20

What are you thankful for? Writing down everything you’re grateful to have is a wonderful exercise to make you assess what’s truly important. Kids can participate too! Set aside a half-hour, grab some markers, pens or crayons, a sheet of paper or print out the "I'm thankful for" template below, and have everyone make their own list. Little ones can draw pictures, too. Then share by reading them aloud. Will you be surprised? Post the lists on the fridge, so everyone can see them and be reminded all week about the good things in your family’s life.

Once you’ve finished, beginning November 1st, submit your family’s list of things it’s thankful for to the Respect the Bird & Share Your Thanks Facebook Sweepstakes. Every entry has a chance to win a KitchenAid Stand Mixer! Click here to read the sweeps details, and enter!
Click the image above to open, then right click to save it.
Open the saved image and print!

Sweepstakes prize is a
KitchenAid Stand Mixer!

MONDAY | November 21

Remember that little gnome with the red hat who kept turning up in pictures all around the world? Well, we want to see the Respect the Bird logo turning up all over the country to help spread this message! So click the image below to open it, and then right click to print it. Next snap a photo of you and your family holding the sign, and then post it to the Respect the Bird Facebook page here! Your photo will be added to the Respect the Bird Photo gallery here.
Click the image above to open, then right click to save it.
Open the saved image and print!

TUESDAY | November 22

Friendships make the world go round! Acknowledge your friends today by sending them personal email or Facebook messages to tell them you’re thankful to have them in your life. Share what you’re most fond of about them and their qualities that enrich your life. You can also spread the word about your pledge to Respect the Bird.


Change your profile pic to this!

WEDNESDAY, November 23

A picture is worth a thousand words! Show off your support for Respect the Bird and Thanksgiving by changing your Facebook and Allrecipes profile pictures to a special Respect the Bird turkey charachter for the day. Let the world know you care about Thanksgiving!

Click here to see all the fun options available and instructions to save it and update your profile image.

THANKSGIVING | November 24

Feast day! Gather with family and friends to celebrate and to enjoy a festive Thanksgiving Day.  Sit and savor the bounty of life’s blessings. Read everyone’s list again about what they’re thankful for. Tell stories. Take photos. Create memories. Go for a walk. Play games. Watch a game. Respect the Bird! Give thanks for family and friends—and leftovers!

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Make Thanksgiving dinner even more memorable with these great conversation starters.

-- Ask everyone to describe a Thanksgiving slip-up that had everyone laughing. Maybe one year dad forgot to serve the stuffing in the bird?
-- Ask mom or dad how she/he learned to cook a turkey, and when was the first time. Were the in-laws coming to dinner?
-- Ask grandparents or aunts and uncles to describe a Thanksgiving from their childhood.
-- Ask everyone what was the strangest dish they ever encountered at Thanksgiving dinner.
-- Ask everyone to go around and share their favorite family memory.

BLACK FRIDAY | November 25

Post your Thanksgiving photos here, make leftovers, and maybe pick up a Black Friday deal or two! Whether you're spending a relaxing day with the family or headed out to the mall, you can feel good knowing there's no need to cook today with all those fantastic leftovers in the fridge! You can fully soak up the holiday by keeping the mood mellow with a stay-at-home day, or a family excursion to a new destination. Take a hike, go to the movies, visit a science or history museum, head for the slopes, or get out a old-fashioned board game. If you do want to shop, try buying online; you'll still get great deals but from the comfort of your home! 

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