Respect the Bird

Allrecipes is an amazing community of passionate, engaged home cooks; in fact, it’s the world’s largest online food community. From time to time, this community stirs things up and inspires new ideas—just like it has now with the Respect the Bird campaign, a grass roots effort started in November 2010 by one frustrated Allrecipes.com Supporting Member, Doug Matthews. Doug wrote a blog post then reminding people Thanksgiving deserves to be more than an afterthought among our national holidays. Taking микрозайм без проверок a cue from Doug’s blog post, Allrecipes aims to boost Respect the Bird into national awareness.

Respect the Bird supporters have a mission. They are determined to ruffle feathers as much as possible and restore Thanksgiving to its rightful place as a meaningful, respected American holiday, not one that’s merely a one-day delicious afterthought between Halloween and Christmas. Tapping into its original roots—thankfulness, a celebration of friendships, family, and gifts from the earth—Respect the Bird supporters want to create a Thanksgiving experience extending beyond meal planning. It is, after all, one of the treasured holidays that’s not about spending. As the #1 destination for Thanksgiving planning and preparation, Allrecipes.com is a natural channel for promoting this idea—starting with the “Respect the Bird Pledge”—a simple way to stand up and be counted among the thousands of people who share the mission.

The Respect the Bird blog will be a resource where anyone can make a Respect the Bird pledge, find ideas and activities to participate in the campaign, and share and discuss ideas. Use it often to post comments, feedback, questions, and your thoughts about the Respect the Bird campaign. It’s a community effort, as much as the first Thanksgiving was a community celebration. Let your voice be heard here and on the Respect the Bird Facebook page! Send a Tweet with #Respectthebird and you might win the @respectthebird Twitter Sweeps! Check out all the fun ways to join the campaign in the Respect the Bird How-To Guide!

Please help us share the message about respect the bird through social media and if you have a blog, check out our Blogger Toolkit for more resources!

And don't forget to Respect the Bird!!

-Allrecipes.com and its Thanksgiving loving community