Thursday, November 10, 2011

Two Weeks To Thanksgiving!

Planning Ahead: Prep Tips Two Weeks Out

Photo by Melissa Goff
Time to get serious! Thanksgiving is just two weeks away! Use this handy check list to help get organized. Planning in advance will ensure a stress-free day.

One of Allrecipes' community member, MauiGirl, is starting her pie crusts today to help take some stress off during Thanksgiving week. She prepares the dough and rolls it in a ball, then presses them down like a hockey puck and puts them in a freezer bag. You can take them out the day before and put them into the fridge to thaw and then roll out the ready made dough on Thanksgiving Day!
·    Review the guest list, check in to see who’s coming, and confirm which menu items everyone will bring for the feast.
·    Select dinnerware and serving pieces, think about seating arrangements, and, if necessary, polish silverware and wash glasses so they’re sparkling.
·    Make sure there will be enough table space and chairs for everyone. Arrange to borrow or rent extra if needed. Consider setting up a separate table for kids.
·    Start check lists to keep track of shopping and food items, guests, serving dishes required for each recipe, table linens, and so on. Remember to include containers for leftovers.
·    Make a wine list, or confirm who will bring the wine.
·    Set out napkins, tablecloths, and place settings, and decide on a centerpiece.
·    Find the turkey-roasting pan and rack, cutting boards, a baster, aluminum foil, plastic wrap, and parchment paper.
·    Sharpen chopping and carving knives.
·    Make sure you have enough pots and pans, and decide the sequence of preparing recipes so cookware will be available as needed.
·    Check for serving utensils, serving platter for the turkey, carving knife, gravy boat, and ladle.
·    Are there plenty of plastic containers and freezer bags for leftovers?

What are your tips for early planning to make the day go smoother??


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