Monday, November 28, 2011

Respect the Bird Thanks YOU!

Doug Matthews Respecting the Bird
Even after Thanksgiving we’re still giving
thanks! We’re thankful for all 4,380+ of you who pledged to Respect the Bird. Thankful for everyone who shared the Respect the Bird blog, liked Respect the Bird’s Facebook page, commented about Respect the Bird in your own blog, changed your Allrecipes or Facebook profile picture to Respect the Bird, and shared what you were thankful to have in your lives with your family on Thanksgiving Day. And you didn’t rush out to grab a holiday deal until after Thanksgiving was complete (and the dishes washed). Your support and participation made the first year of Respect the Bird a huge success!

Not only did Respect the Bird receive news coverage coast-to-coast, the campaign inspired thousands of people to stop and savor Thanksgiving, taking the day to enjoy existing treasures big and small in their lives during this season of gratitude. That’s just what Doug Matthews had in mind a year ago with his original blog post that launched Respect the Bird.

With Thanksgiving 2011 now a delicious memory and Jingle Bells rightfully playing on the radio, may you continue to acknowledge what’s good and true in our lives throughout the coming year!

Happy Holidays,

Respect the Bird Team

P.S. We're hoping to come back and do this again next year and would love to hear your ideas for how we can continue to grow this movement! Please share them in the comments section or email them to us at respectthebird@gmail.com. Thanks!


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