Thursday, November 3, 2011

Respect the Bird Love

Who's Respecting the Bird? Check out all the awesome quotes below from our Thanksgiving loving friends!

Ryan Seacrest - Thanks Ryan! We're using #savethanksgiving for our tweets from now on!

"@ryanseacrest - Anyone feel like we go right from Halloween to ramping up for Christmas? #savethanksgiving"

Food Wishes
"However, while Thanksgiving itself has remained relatively pure, each year it seems the Christmas shopping season overlaps T-day a little more. We all grumble, but no one does anything about it. Well, that was until Doug Matthews came along."

AKA Mom Magazine
"AKA Mom would like to encourage readers to join the fight to take back Thanksgiving! Inspired by community, this is a campaign you'll be "thankful" you took part in."
"Since when did Halloween signal the beginning of the $#^%*& Christmas shopping season?! ...Tryptophan fans are being awaken to take the Respect the Bird Pledge, a promise to fully enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday and not begin shopping for Christmas until after November 24"
""Respect the Bird!" Campaign Launches To Protect Integrity of Thanksgiving From Christmas Marketing Noise"
"Why has a holiday that is traditionally about food, family, and giving thanks for the year, become one that is equally (and to some more so) about door-busting deals and shopping?"
"…we can’t allow the marketing to overwhelm the message, the commercials to drown out the thankfulness, the shiny new things to overwhelm the traditions and roots."

Fun Radio 92.9 The Lake
"This site promises to help consumers savor the true meaning of Thanksgiving and enjoy the holiday before moving on to Black Friday!"

Country 106.5 WYRK
"Last night, while watching TV, I noticed the 1st X-mas commercial of the season.  It was an ad for Pringles….and it made me say…Hey!!  What about Thanksgiving?"

And one of our Favorites!
Lillian Cooks

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