Saturday, November 12, 2011

Respect the Bird Love - 2.0

Who's Respecting the Bird? Check out all the awesome quotes below from our Thanksgiving loving friends!

New York Times – …judging from the negative reaction among dedicated Friday after Thanksgiving shoppers on blogs, Twitter and Facebook, the wave of midnight openings this year has crossed a line.

Fox 4 News - So who all thinks Christmas has gotten too commercial and starts way too early? A new "Respect the Bird" movement is a campaign which aims to take back Thanksgiving so we can enjoy our turkey in peace.

Tree, Root and Twig - Yes, I’m definitely looking forward to Christmas, and I may have even purchased (and eaten!) my first box of candy canes. But I’m going to slow it down a bit and make sure to cherish the spirit of Thanksgiving first. I’m doing my best to Respect the Bird!

Cooking and Cocktails with DianneThanksgiving is my favorite holiday, mainly because it's all about food. In recent years, it has become more and more overlooked because of retail businesses pushing up the Christmas season to start earlier and earlier to make more money, i.e. "Christmas Creep." While I understand that in this economy stores have to do what they have to do to stay afloat, that doesn't mean that I like it!

Nerd Living - It’s not too late to save Christmas. I’m begging you, please don’t put up a single decoration until Nov. 24. Don’t buy a single gift until Black Friday. Enjoy Thanksgiving. If we hold off on Christmastime this year, maybe we won’t be so glad to see it leave come Dec. 26.

Life in an RV - I totally agree with Doug Matthews about Thanksgiving being overshadowed by Christmas each year and it seems more and more Thanksgiving is being pushed in the backseat.

Magically Delicious - But what about Thanksgiving?  That day where we sit around a table as a family (which happens less frequently for everyone in this fast-paced world) and we give thanks for what we have.  A nice, non-commercial day about family, good food and gratitude for all the good things in our lives.  Not for what we want to get under the tree in December.  Thanksgiving has started to become that day before the big sales.  Or worse, the day you can start shopping early.

ManifestMom - So why are we shoving Tom Turkey on the back burner and rushing into the consumerist nightmare of Black Friday? We should Respect the Bird!

A Fat Girl Slim - My friend Starr is an unapologetic Christmas junkie. She would (and possibly does) listen to Christmas music year around. While I’m no Scrooge-I dressed up like an elf with her for the office party last year for crying out loud-I do believe there is a time to start the season and a time to wait.
“You must,” I caution her. “Respect the bird.”

Divine Caroline - The “Christmas Creep” has gotten so rampant that some people are fighting back. Nordstrom has famously pledged not to hang a single bit of tinsel until after Turkey Day is done, and the online Respect the Bird movement is joining the battle to keep Thanksgiving from being drowned out by a chorus of carols or the siren song of retail sales. - So what I say is “Stand up and let’s give jolly old Kris Kringle the bird. Give me my (expletive deleted) Turkey Day a moment in the sunshine.” Stand up with your cranberry sauce in hand, and give Thanksgiving a chance.

Morning Light Mama - But, the push toward Christmas seems to be getting in the way of Thanksgiving, and I'm not the only one who thinks so. I gotta say that I love the new Respect the Bird movement, sponsored by a site that I've been relying on for years for my culinary pursuits-

Southern Fried - Respect the Bird, y’all.  That other holiday can wait a little bit.  There’s turkey to eat! 


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