Monday, November 21, 2011

Photo Scavenger Hunt - Show Your Spirit

Remember that little gnome with the red hat who kept turning up in pictures all around the world? Well, we want to see the Respect the Bird logo turning up all over the country to help spread this message! So click the image below to open it, and then right click to print it. Next snap a photo of you and your family holding the sign, and then post it to the Respect the Bird Facebook page here! Your photo will be added to the Respect the Bird Photo gallery here.

We love the photos submitted so far! Show off your creativity by helping us fulfill this Photo Scavenger Hunt!

1. Respect the Bird (RTB) Logo by a Christmas tree
2. RTB logo in front of a retail store with Christmas decorations up
3. RTB logo with a real live Turkey
4. RTB logo made into a yard sign
5. RTB logo with triplets
6. RTB logo crafted out of food
7. RTB logo with a gnome
8. RTB logo on a car
9. Creative RTB logo painting
10. The ultimate - Santa holding the RTB logo!

If we get all 10 by Thanksgiving, I'll personally donate $150 to! With my company matching program, that will be $300! Let's do it!

Stephanie Robinett


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