Tuesday, November 1, 2011

MSN Money Calls Thanksgiving "Black Thursday" - Noooooooooo!

November is here and Thanksgiving is just over three weeks away but as of today the story in the news will be deals, not meals. MSN Money posted a story yesterday calling Thanksgiving Black Thursday...how sad is that?! It's refreshing to read the comments and see that there are many people who feel the same way we do!

We think one of the best things about Thanksgiving is the food of course, so we're going to make our own news reporting on who's eating what for Thanksgiving. Bet you didn’t know this: Thanksgiving is the most celebrated holiday meal of all! 71% of Americans will prepare the traditional meal this year.

Where are you most likely to be invited home for Thanksgiving dinner? Try Atlanta and Denver: 83% of Atlanta residents will host Thanksgiving dinner, while 82% will in Denver, the top cities in the U.S.

Check out the maps to see who celebrates Thanksgiving the around the country.

When it comes to Thanksgiving side dishes, the following are “must haves” for almost all families:
  • Stuffing 93%
  • Mashed potatoes 84%
  • Cranberries 82%
  • Sweet potatoes 64%
  • Salad 49%
  • Corn pudding 8%

Hope November get's you thinking about delicious Thanksgiving meals and not ridiculous Thanksgiving deals!

-Respect the Bird team


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