Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Field Report: Allrecipes’ Allstars Support Respect the Bird!

Maybe more stores are opening Thanksgiving evening as this article from Tampa Bay Online.com reports, but the push-back from Respect the Bird and Thanksgiving fans across the country is growing too. Over 90,000 have signed a petition urging Target execs to change the store open time from midnight to 5 a.m. to allow employees to enjoy the holiday with family and friends. The Allrecipes community is rallying support for the cause as well and we wanted to share some of their thoughts! 

Turkey Crafts from Penny Hanstad

Allrecipes Allstars are speaking up and speaking out about Respecting the Bird, from Debbie Hendrix who writes the Countrygirlgourmet blog from El Paso, Texas, and posts photos of Christmas decorations in local retail stores—even before Halloween!—plus her husband’s success at frying their turkey, to a weekend gathering of Southern California Allstars documented by Penny Hanstad, where making crafty versions of Respect the Bird amused everyone after lunch, and to Aiyana Zinkland with roots in the Chesapeake Bay area. They share their thoughts here. Click the links to read more.

“I have many things to be thankful for. 
Each and every day

I am thankful for the pile of dishes
Because it means we had food to eat.

I am thankful for the laundry
Because it means we have clothes to wear.”

-- from We Are Thankful.... by Penny Hanstad of Penny Lane

“So what can I possibly have to complain about?  Well, I'll tell you.  It's hard to tell that it's almost Thanksgiving.  And why is that?  Because the moment the clock struck midnight on November 1st, all of the Halloween decorations came down and the Christmas decorations went up!  "Early" Black Friday sales are going on in the stores, ornaments are on display, and a local radio station is already playing non-stop Christmas music!  Aaaaah!
What about Thanksgiving????  We need to respect the bird!  Thanksgiving is a terrific holiday - one of families and friends and remembering what we are thankful for...before the gluttony of the holiday season makes us all greedy and whiny.” 
-- from Another day in the Life of Lisa blog by Lisa Altmiller

“We'll be doing a Thankful Tree this year, where my daughters will designate each leaf as something they appreciate.  We'll enjoy Thanksgiving dinner at my sweet mother-in-law's house, and feel full and lazy after.  We'll allow the simplicity of the day to give us permission to sit and talk with our family, and then nap late in the afternoon.  When we wake, we'll go back into the kitchen to graze on leftovers, without feeling like we have somewhere else to go.
I can't wait.  Turkey, stuffing, salads, and desserts of all kinds are on my plate for Thanksgiving.  Leftovers will find their way into turkey, cranberry sauce, and brie sandwiches and turkey taco soup.  'Black Friday' will mean nothing to us, because we'll still be celebrating what and why we are thankful.  It's the ONE holiday per year where we are allowed to do. absolutely. nothing. and eat, drink, and be with loved ones.  Why rush through it?”
-- from What we’ll be doing on ‘Black Friday’ this year—join in! by Jennifer Baker

“This year is different than most as I just got out of the hospital on 10/30. Over a period of just about a month, I had three hospitalizations and two major surgeries. All of this was unexpected and unplanned and not a whole lot of fun. I have a lovely 9 inch plus scar down my middle and am home recovering.  So this year I am thankful just to be alive, and on the road to recovery. I am thankful for the doctors who got me through it all, the wonderful nurses who cared for me night and day, the orderlies who shuttled me here and there and the friends who supported me by bringing me to the hospital, bringing me things I needed, caring for my cat and visiting me while I was laid up. It was and is very humbling. So this year I am thankful for something very basic.. my health and my life. It is true what they say...if you have your health, you really do have everything. The rest will fall into place.”
-- from What I am thankful for by Linda Tremoureux

“This year I'm encouraging others around me to pledge to take back Thanksgiving and Respect the bird!!!  There's no reason to not take the pledge - if you're disgusted with Christmas stuff appearing as early as September, if you're annoyed with the Christmas songs playing just days after Halloween, if you've had the unfortunate experience to work Thanksgiving in the past, if you detest Black Friday etc., take the pledge! “
-- from The Daily Gourmet blog by Sarah Stone

 “So, the thing is that with all of this work and 10,000 dishes, why do I love it? For me, it's about being closer to my friends and family. Spending time with the kiddos. Celebrating my grandparent's wedding anniversary (this year is Number 60!!!!!!!), learning more about the people I love, having everyone to my house for one day, sitting back and watching four generations come together with no material things - no gifts, no shopping, no expectations. It's about hearing my grandpa say grace, and watching my nephew help grandma carry bags in. Watching the dogs under the table hoping that the two-year-old throws them something. Figuring out what marvelous dish got forgotten in the kitchen. Sending leftovers home with everyone. “
-- from Thanks for Thanksgiving by Aiyana Zinkland

“What has happened? It seems as soon as the School supplies are put away the Christmas decorations come out to play. I love my holidays each and every one, individually. They each get their own special attention. That is why I am asking you to take back Thanksgiving and Respect the Bird.
This year I ask you to make the choice to Respect the Bird. Take back Thanksgiving, take back the day and what it’s supposed to mean. It is about Family not Black Friday and taking a nap as soon as dinner is done to prepare to be in line at Walmart as soon as the doors open to get the best deal. I ask you to spend time with your families, love a little and make memories do it for all the military families that can’t spend the day with their loved ones.”
--from CountryGirlGourmet blog by Debbie Hendrix


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