Sunday, November 20, 2011

Don't Let Christmas Occupy Thanksgiving

Don't Let Christmas Occupy Thanksgiving
By Doug Matthews

I really thought Christmas started too early last year when I urged everyone to “Respect The Bird” with a blog post on Allrecipes. Turns out, a great many people out there thought the same thing. Hundreds of you commented saying you agreed the holidays are “blending into each other like ingredients in a smoothie.” It seems I hit a nerve, or connected with some kind of unconscious protest needing to be heard.

I'm pleased to report, that in this blog post, one year later, Respect the Bird is flying high! Turned into a online grassroots movement with a little help from our friends at Allrecipes.com and this dedicated Respect the Bird blog. Countless bloggers across the Internet who want to help Save Thanksgiving have rallied to our cause. We’re counting pledges from those of you who commit to Respecting the Bird and refuse to let Christmas shopping offers gobble up Thanksgiving.   

This doesn’t mean Thanksgiving isn’t still in danger of being overrun. Actually, I think this year the Christmas season has gotten waaaaay ahead of itself and has started to “Occupy Thanksgiving.” Ugly! The great feast day is only 4 days away, yet if you listen to most of the mainstream media, look at the big box retail stores, and pay even remote attention to the actions of all those mad men & mad women in the advertising world, you would think that Christmas has already been here most of the past month. Even the pumpkins in my neighborhood were covered with snow on Halloween. So I say it again, “No way! Respect The Bird!”

The Pledge Counter steadily continues to climb each day at rate faster than the day before. RESPECT THE BIRD !!!

More & more people are liking Respect The Bird on Facebook. RESPECT THE BIRD !!!

If you listen closely, you can hear the Tweet Tweet Tweets of Twitter amongst the Gobble Gobble Gobbles of Thanksgiving. @RESPECTTHEBIRD  !!! #RTB !!! #SaveThanksgiving !!!

People are taking pictures of themselves, family and friends all Respecting The Bird. Art Projects are being created by people of all ages showing how creatively they Respect The Bird. RESPECT THE BIRD !!!

Thanksgiving videos & recipes are being watched & consulted about how to keep your mashed potatoes creamy and the lumps out of your gravy. RESPECT THE BIRD !!!

Would you believe I even spotted a Respect The Bird T-Shirt walking through Chicago’s busy O’Hare Airport the other day. (Oh, wait a minute, that was me!) RESPECT THE BIRD !!!

So let’s get loud about Thanksgiving and not care about what time the store doors are scheduled to open Thanksgiving night. Let’s be thankful we can sit around the table with our belts undone and gravy running through our veins and laughing at family follies instead of tightening our shoelaces and getting ready to run through aisles.

Let’s enjoy the one entire day we get to spend with our friends & family, instead of spending time with strangers fighting for position at the doors or for the $3 video game console they teased about in their advertisements. Let’s eat that last piece of pumpkin pie with total pleasure—because we can—and not because we have to dash to Big Box store before everyone else.

After all, from the very beginning it’s been an American holiday about being thankful about what we have—the big things in life, family, friendships, memories, good health—not about crazy stuff on sale. So let’s Enjoy Thanksgiving instead of letting Christmas Occupy Thanksgiving.



  1. AnonymousNovember 23, 2011 4:39 PM

    I agree. Thanksgiving is becoming a forgotten holiday. Christmas decor goes up in August and stores throw Black Friday ads down your throat faster than you can eat a Thanksgiving meal. Because of corporate greed, the holidays are not the same when I was a kid. Stores were closed during major holidays and you didn't think about Christmas til Santa arrived at the Macy's Thanksgiving parade. Now, Santa is arriving at malls in early November. It's just sick!

  2. Two years ago I sent a complaint e-mail to Starbuck's because they were playing Christmas carrols before Thanksgiving. Last year they didn't do it. (Perhaps they got a lot of other e-mails? or am I that powerful?) But this year they're back at it . Heard Christmas music in there yesterday! Ugh! (Not to mention all the Christmas decor.)