Friday, November 18, 2011

Consumers to Retailers: Holiday Advertising Is Getting Out of Hand!

Consumers to Retailers: Holiday Advertising Is Getting Out of Hand! 

INSIGHT 1: 82% of home cooks think Christmas is marketed too early, and as a result, Thanksgiving isn’t respected.

When asked whether Christmas is marketed too early, only 3.5% of home cooks disagree, while 14% are neutral. When asked if early Christmas advertising distracted them from Thanksgiving’s importance, the majority of home cooks (56%) replied, “Very much.” 47% also said early holiday advertising kept them from being thankful for what they have, while 37% said it distracted from their enjoyment of Thanksgiving.

How strongly do you agree with this statement: Christmas is marketed too early and the Thanksgiving holiday is getting too little attention.
(82% represents both Agree and Strongly Agree)

How much does Christmas advertising prior to Thanksgiving detract from the following?

INSIGHT 2: 77% of consumers say holiday marketing is out of control when they see holiday d├ęcor (trees, wreaths, etc.) set up right after Halloween—or even in July and August.

74% also say hearing Christmas music in October signals extreme holiday marketing, and nearly half see Black Friday deals announced earlier and earlier before Thanksgiving as another signal of over-the-top marketing.

How do you know holiday marketing is getting out of control? (Check all that apply.)

INSIGHT 3: 44% say the best time for holiday specials to begin is the day after Thanksgiving (Black Friday), or the Monday following Thanksgiving (Cyber Monday).

However, almost one-third of consumers say anytime is good, and “You can’t start shopping too early” and one-fifth say “anytime in November.” This shows that consumers still love good deals, but don’t need all the marketing hype that comes with the push to start Christmas shopping weeks before Thanksgiving.

INSIGHT 4: Three-quarters of home cooks say their favorite thing about Thanksgiving is spending time with friends and family.

More than half (55%) also say they love eating delicious food, and “giving thanks for what we have” (52%).

The 2011 Holiday Insights Survey was hosted on from September 25 – 31, 2011, with participation from 1,350 U.S.-based home cooks. No incentives were used to reward or incent participation. 


  1. AnonymousNovember 23, 2011 4:32 PM

    I'm so sick of these greedy stores being opened on holidays. All stores should be closed on ALL HOLIDAYS so employees can spend time with their families. The only reason to open other than corporate greed is to cater to the stupid customers. Customers and stores don't care that they are disrupting family time among the employees and their families.

    Customers, stores are open for you all other times of the year. Shop then, not on holidays. Just because you have nothing else to do, don't feel you have the right to drag employees away from their families to fill your selfish need to shop. I hope all these stores fail.

    If my boss forced me to work on a holiday I would say no. I don't care how much overtime you were paying. It's the principle. Family comes first, not corporate greed! Are the big shot CEO's going to give up their holiday? No! Customers and stores better get their act together and stay with their loved ones while they still have them!