Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What does Thanksgiving mean to you? Does it matter as a holiday? It did to Doug Matthews. In November 2010, he spoke out. He was upset. He wrote a post November 15, 2010, on his Allrecipes blog, Swampy’s Kitchen titled Respect the Bird!!! He said it was time to stop treating Thanksgiving as an afterthought and restore this November holiday to its rightful status. Enough already of the pre-Christmas shopping frenzy!

Doug wasn’t alone. Hundreds of you in Allrecipes’ community agreed it was time to “Respect the Bird!” and take back Thanksgiving. Doug’s blog post was the #1 blog on Allrecipes from the time he posted it, through the end of the Thanksgiving season.

If you’re feeling like Doug, take the pledge this year and join Allrecipes’ Respect the Bird campaign. Click the pledge button on this page and add your vote to Respect the Bird! From now until November 25, Allrecipes is all about Respect the Bird! Forget over-the-top spending and shopping till you drop. Thanksgiving is—or should be—about the big things in life: Being thankful for friends, family, food, and things we already have. If you agree, make the pledge to Respect the Bird!

Allrecipes will do its part to spread the word about Respect the Bird and to help restore Thanksgiving, an essential American holiday, to its rightful place of respect. You’ll find Respect the Bird activities here on Respectthebird.com, but also here: Allrecipes.com, Facebook, and Twitter (@respectthebird). You CAN create a meaningful Thanksgiving experience that goes beyond meal planning and cooking! How does that sound? What ideas do you have to Respect the Bird? Share them here!

- Allrecipes.com and its Thanksgiving loving community

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